Joey Baarslag

Joey Baarslag bij The Crunch

Joey Baarslag, as a certified fitness professional at The Crunch, has been dedicated to helping his clients achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively since 2013. Whether the objective is to build muscle, shed excess weight, or enhance mobility, his customized training programs are expertly designed to address a wide range of fitness ambitions.

In both 2020 and 2021, Joey proudly received the Trainer of the Year award in Amsterdam and North Holland. He firmly believes that a healthy lifestyle commences with the development of a strong and fit body.

Joey’s mission is to assist clients in identifying their fitness aspirations, crafting exercise regimens tailored to their unique needs, and providing guidance through each and every workout. His unwavering passion for fitness and well-being serves as the driving force behind helping individuals achieve the results they desire.

Personal training pricing:

8-week online coaching program (€100), which includes:

  • A personalized training plan
  • A tailored nutrition plan
  • A comprehensive initial consultation with a body scan or a virtual intake via video call (without a scan)
  • 24/7 access for email and app communication
  • Option for detailed exercise explanations (+ €35)


For those interested in Joey’s personal training, you can contact him at:

Phone: 06-27595333


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